Guanibiscus? Farmhouse Ale + Growler 32oz

Guanibiscus? Farmhouse Ale + Growler 32oz

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Here we going again!
“Guanabiscus?” is our 1st beer out of Solidaridad: El Grifo Collab Series. A very refreshing Hibiscus Farmhouse Ale product of a collaboration with, Coamo's finest microbrewery, Zurc Bräuhaus

Guanabiscus? is the first beer brewed in Puerto Rico using unrefined, yet civilized, amounts of hibiscus. It's obviously V E G A N enriched by exclusive German malts and sweetened with guanabana's natural sugars (it's our tradition to not use processed or refined sugars).

Beer tasters might expect a juicy yet tart, medium body farmhouse ale with a pronounced "earth-tea" and extra hoppy aftertaste.


  • Guanabiscus? [servicio de 32 oz de cerveza]
    • Hibiscus Guanabana Farmhouse Ale
    • 7% ABV
    • 25 IBU
    • Vegan
    • Specialty Beer
    • Limited Release
    • Local Ingredientes
    • No highly refined sugars
  • Growler 32 oz - growler de 1ra serie [envase]
    • Logo original El Grifo
    • Logo Eat Drink Vegan
    • Cristal  
    • Color ámbar
    • 32 oz (2 pintas)
    • Ideal para cerveza artesanal o Kombucha

 Información adicional:

  • Cantidad Limitada 
  • Recogido en nuestra localidad disponible jueves a domingos
    • Ciertas restricciones aplican
  • Delivery disponible a toda la isla
  • Cerveza disponible para refill de Growlers
    • 32oz x $16.00
    • 64oz x $32.00